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Private Financial Relief Funds
1. Sukuma Relief Fund
2. Oppenheimer Family South African Future Trust
3. Bank Finance Options


Sukuma Relief Fund

Current status: Temporarily.

Government Financial Relief Funds
1. Temporary Employee Relief Scheme
2. Department of Small Business Development’s Debt Relief Fund
3. SEFA - Emergency Funding package
4. Tax Relief
Four steps to manage late-paying clients

What should you do if your customers don’t pay you on time? For a business to remain successful, it needs cash flow. How do you maintain good cash.

Five common money mistakes made in small business

As a small business owner, you are required to be many things in your business. But “Financial planner” often falls by the wayside, over taken by other.

Good vs Bad Debt: What should business funding be used for?

Working capital is like air for business, without it your business cannot sustain its profit-driven activities and will not grow. More often than not,.

Five tips for managing negative cash flow

Too many businesses fail as a result of bad cash flow management. Sending great businesses with big potential into a quick downward spiral. So how do.

When does my retail business qualify for a re-advance?


Does my business qualify for a retail cash advance?


Five key questions to ask when choosing your cash advance partner


15 Financial Terms Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Running a retail business comes with constant learning curves: Whether you’re a rookie entrepreneur just starting out with a big potential, or a.

Bank Loans & Cash Advances: Not one-size-fits-all

When it comes to financing small business in South Africa it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, in fact, it is quite the opposite: Facilitating.

How to capitalise on seasonal fluctuations

No matter what line of business you are in there is a very good chance that you are affected by seasonal fluctuations. In many cases businesses.