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Boost your medical practice’s bottom line with these 5 strategies

Many medical practices run “just fine”, but if you want to be a cut above your competitors, there are a few factors you’ll have to continuously improve..

Six Key Factors That Determine Your Merchant Capital Deal Size And Pricing

At Merchant Capital we tailor our facilities to suit the best possible option for your business. So how do we determine your deal size and pricing?

Five Big Benefits of Alternative Funding For Small Business

Alternative funding refers to working capital which is acquired outside of traditional lending institutions like banks. So what are the benefits of using.

A Quick Guide To Understanding 2021/22 Provisional Tax For Retailers


Private Financial Relief Funds
1. Sukuma Relief Fund
2. Oppenheimer Family South African Future Trust
3. Bank Finance Options


Sukuma Relief Fund

Current status: Temporarily closed as.

Government Financial Relief Funds
1. Temporary Employee Relief Scheme
2. Department of Small Business Development’s Debt Relief Fund
3. SEFA - Emergency Funding package
4. Tax Relief
Four steps to manage late payment client

What should you do if your customers don’t pay you on time? For a business to remain successful, it needs cash flow. How do you maintain good cash flow?.

Five common money mistakes made in small business

As a small business owner, you are required to be many things in your business. But “Financial planner” often falls by the wayside, over taken by other.

Good vs Bad Debt: What should business funding be used for?

Working capital is like air for business, without it your business cannot sustain its profit-driven activities and will not grow. More often than not,.

Five tips for managing negative cash flow

Too many businesses fail as a result of bad cash flow management. Sending great businesses with big potential into a quick downward spiral. So how do you.

When does my retail business qualify for a re-advance?


Does my business qualify for a retail cash advance?