Merchant Capital is going Digital

We are a society driven by all things digital. Some communities may not have running water, but they certainly have smartphones. Digital has a governing influence on our lifestyles, habits, interactions and workflow. And while South Africa may have lagged in techno-development, Merchant Capital is disrupting this trend. By going full-on digital, merchants can now apply online and ride that tide from beginning the application through to submission in under 7 minutes.

What makes a digital application so desirable?
First off – It’s easier
Once digital, there is less work you have to do. We have reduced the docusmetation you have to submit to just 3 things: Banks Statements, Merchant Statements and your Lease. No more CIPC or Directors ID copies

Making your time work for you
As a retail store owner, the days seem to have legs that run away from you. You don’t always have time to apply for finance during regular office hours. An online application system means that you can complete your application when you world becomes quiet. Even if that only means at midnight. Plus you won’t be under pressure to complete the application all at once. Clicking the “I want to come back later” button automatically sends you an email link, easily allowing you to return and complete it at your leisure.

The need for speed
There are two parts to the online application. Part 1 gives us access to your basic information, so we can understand exactly how much we can advance your business. If you prefer, you can stop here and complete the rest of the application with good old-fashioned correspondence. As long as you understand that this can take longer. (Not that much longer mind you, as we pride ourselves in 48-hour lead times.) But at Merchant Capital we are all about options.

Part 2 happens once you pass the “Offer” page. Here is where we get into the real nitty gritty. This is where you add in your store and bank accounts details and upload merchant statements. These are all the things that you would usually do over email with one of our savvy consultants. But now since you’ve already uploaded all the necessary details, the next time you hear from Merchant Capital, will be with a formal funding offer. If you have all the documents on hand you can complete a full application in less than 7 minutes!

We still love face and voice time
Even though we have upped the efficiency levels, we are still the same Merchant Capital. Which means that we build great relationships with our clients and always will. So after submitting online, you can expect a friendly call to take you through the offer that is tailor-made for your specific business requirements.

Contracts that aren’t a nag
Trying to scan in a perfect copy of a contract first time is like winning the lotto. It hardly ever happens. Sometimes it’s too light or too dark or you forgot an initial or you don’t have a witness around. With our online app, whatever might go rogue, has now been removed with a fully secure digital contract signing experience.

    1. We send you an email with a link. If your business has more than one Director it will send the relevant people the same contract.
    2. Click on the link and it will take you securely to the contract between your business and Merchant Capital.
    3. The site will ask you to select a unique encrypted initial and signature, which have been created for you.
    4. Once selected, it will show you exactly where to click. Thereby electronically signing on your behalf.
    5. Press submit and our finance team will automatically receive a copy.

No missed initials, no having to find witnesses (your PC or phone does that for you now), no scanners, no trying to get the same contract to all the relevant people! Each step is encrypted, legal and perfectly safe. It’s just easier this way so we have found ways to make it happen.

To submit a 7 minute online application click here.

To speak to a sales consultant for more information click here.


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