You nourish your customer with fresh food and convinience. Similarly, we nourish business’ like yours with a fresh take on financing and the convinience of fast, efficient service. Core to that service is taking a key interest in the things that make your industry tick: The food industry is a growing source of revenue for many small business owners, however it does come with many challenges. As a retailer of absolute necessity, supermarkets mostly have a consistent income all year round, but this can fluctuate depending on location, leading to some quieter periods. Also while most products are constant shelf features, there are always trend products that can be stocked to entice a different type of customer to shop in your store.

We have a group of industry experts that are here to help you grow your business. Our main priority is to determine the best financing option that is aligned with your business needs. Get your small business ready for the busy seasons by completing our quick and easy online application. Once approved, your cash injection can be in your bank account within 48 hours. You have the ideas and the passion; we have the information and resources needed to help make your small business grow even bigger.

Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital Cash Advance
Staff training: Your industry traditionally has a high staff turnover which means consistently ensuring new staff training and investing in uniforms: These costs add up very quickly and a quick, reliable cash advance can keep you ahead these types of challenges.
Cash purchases: Paying cash for non-perishable bulk stock can attract a sizable discount from your suppliers and increase margins in a very meaningful way.
Service Add-ons: Adding in store services such as fresh ready-to-eat options may require an initial capital outlay but result in significant turnover spikes.
App development: With new apps popping up to service customers with the convenience of door-to-door delivery, supermarket owners can either become a supplier of these providers or offer their own delivery service.
Trend focus areas: Introduce products like fresh smoothie kits or trending health products like kale and ‘superfood’ boxes.

Supermarkets are quite stable throughout the year with slight peaks and troughs depending on whether they are inland or coastal during holiday seasons. The products being stocked are seasonal too. From fruit and vegetables to products that sell better in particular seasons like ice cream in summer. A merchant cash advance allows you to make repayments in-line with your turnover which is a crucial term that will see you through the slower months.


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