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How do I apply for a Merchant Capital cash advance?

There are 2 easy ways to apply:

1. Online: A great option if you keep unusual hours or if you prefer to apply when it's most convenient. Once done, you will immediately receive an email guiding you on the next steps. It will also advise you on any outstanding documentation. Just a few hours later, you can expect a call from a Merchant Capital sales executive to get your application going.

2. Face-to-face: Otherwise you might prefer to discuss things in person, in which case we also offer the option of applying directly with a sales executive. Our team is well equipped with the expertise needed to guide you through the process.

During office hours simply call 011 217 2880 and receive an immediate response and follow-up email.

How much do I qualify for?

You can qualify for up to 100% of your business's average monthly credit and debit card turnover. It’s a good idea to have this amount handy to better understand what you can expect. Then, as soon as we have analysed your statements, you will be contacted with a more accurate qualification amount.

How much does a Merchant Capital cash advance cost?

We pride ourselves on creating a customised funding solution for each and every client. We never apply a one-size-fits-all pricing model to you or your business. It’s best to contact us so we can begin working on a structure that works best for your business.

How long does the application process take?

We work on a scale of 1 – fast, so strive for super-quick turnaround times. It takes 24 – 48 hours to assess the amount of funding you could access! As soon as you provide the information required to apply, we can start processing your application.

Do you run credit checks or contact references?

To be fair, since we are providing an unsecured funding solution we do need to check with the supplied references as well as run personal credit checks. Bear in mind that while personal credit is considered, you don’t need a perfect credit record to qualify for a Merchant Capital cash advance. Our team may also contact you in order to better understand your business’ circumstances. Rest easy, we will always discuss our findings with you before any decisions are made and you will be kept in the loop throughout the application process.

What can I use the funding for?

We understand that you are the one who built this business. So we respect the fact that no one understands its ‘ins and outs’ quite the way you do. With this in mind, we don’t prescribe what you use your funds for. That said, having funded billions of Rands to thousands of South African businesses, we know a thing or two. So, we highly recommend that the cash injection be used for business growth opportunities.

How do I pay back the funding?

Understanding that every business is unique with specific needs, we provide two options for Merchant Capital cash advance repayments:

1. Split Processing is when repayments take place directly via your debit and credit card terminal. This means that every time a customer pays with a card, a small agreed-upon percentage of that transaction goes straight to Merchant Capital while the remainder is paid into your bank account. This continues until the amount is fully paid off. This means that if you don’t trade, you don’t pay. On the flip, side- during your busier times you repay that much faster.

2. Alternatively a daily debit order provides the opportunity of knowing exactly how much you are paying back on a daily basis, rather than paying a large single sum at month-end. This debit facility can also be designed so that it closely follows your trading pattern.

Our skilled credit team will discuss both of these options with you and advise which one is best for your business.

How long after taking an advance do I qualify for a re-advance?

Once 70% of your facility has been paid back, you qualify for a re-advance. Then, since we already have all your details on file, an already seamless process becomes that much easier! All we will need are a few updated statements and the additional funds will be made available to you. Plus, should you have not taken the full amount you originally qualified for, you can also ‘top up’ your Merchant Capital Cash Advance at any point in your funding cycle. It’s no wonder that 80% of our customers re-advance with us, given the benefits of our unique working capital solution.

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