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In the fast-paced world of law, where time is a precious commodity and growth opportunities often go untapped, Merchant Capital offers a working capital solution tailored specifically to your needs: our Legal Practice Finance.

Merchant Capital has funded 40 000 SMEs with over R8 billion in funding since our inception in 2012. In 2020, we saw an opportunity to expand and support the growth of professional services in sectors like Medical, Accountants and now Legal. 

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What is Legal Practice Finance?

Legal practitioners in South Africa have unique working capital requirements that are often overlooked.    So, no matter the size or type of practice you run, from incorporated to sole practitioners, we can fund advocates and legal firms big and small.

The Legal Practice Finance has a Shari’ah-compliant option available, making this one of the first products of its kind in South Africa. Not only is our working capital solution tailored to meet your business needs, but it also aligns seamlessly with your religious beliefs, empowering Shari’ah-compliant practitioners to grow their businesses in ethical ways. 


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How can you use Legal Practice Finance in your business?

The Legal Practice Finance is designed to fund growth-enhancing activities that are vital to the success of your practice. You can use it in any way you see fit. Other legal practitioners have used their funding in these ways:  

How is Legal Practice Finance repaid?  

Your repayments work directly in line with your turnover: You have the choice of either a daily or weekly debit order that will run directly against your practice’s bank account until your Legal Practice Finance facility is fully paid off.



Do you qualify?

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I am a South African citizen or have
a guarantor


R50 000 minimum
monthly turnover


12 month
practice history


South African citizen
or guarantor

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