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You’re in construction and we’re in the business of building… your business, that is. With our bespoke cash advances, your business can easily navigate the unpredictability of your industry. You can effortlessly manage last minute supplier purchases during busy months or benefit from ourflexible repayments when things are quieter.

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Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital Cash Advance

Promotional Activity

Suppliers should consider running promotions when the merchant is buying direct. These campaigns can provide unexpected cash flow but often require quick cash for rollout. Our business cash loans
were created to facilitate these kinds of opportunities.

Increase merchandise

Building and Hardware stores can buy extra stock before annual increases – this will allow preemptive saving and safeguard future turnover.

Additional resources

Having enough delivery vehicles to fulfil as many orders as possible can boost sales. Use your merchant cash advance to mature your fleet and better your service.


Building and hardware stores are fairly seasonal: Often busier during dryer months when construction is uninterrupted but then quieter over the December period when most contractors close. The flexible repayment terms of the Merchant Capital Cash Advance will provide welcomed flexibility in times affected by this kind of seasonality.

How to get Building and Hardware store finance?

How hard is it to get building and hardware store financing? If you're a business owner who's looking for a cash advance on your building or hardware store, you've probably found that banks and other traditional lenders won't work with you. We understand your frustration with the banking system, and we can help.

Where to get a Building and Hardware store loan?

Merchant Capital provides cash advances for building and hardware stores. Our experienced underwriting team will perform a thorough analysis of your operation to determine if you qualify for funding. We offer fast approvals and low rates. Contact Merchant Capital today to learn more about our services!

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