Fuel Service Station

Fuel Service Station

You like to keep your customers going; we want to help you get them there. But we understand you have a unique set of challenges affecting your strategy and daily dealings: As a year-round industry, fuel stations are the relied-upon staple, of every suburb and community. Stock purchases happen regularly and all year round, however, there are additional opportunities that can be taken advantage of, in order to increase this consistent turnover. This is coupled with the fact that small margins on fuel require additional services to increase and maintain turnover and ensure a profitable establishment.

Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital Cash Advance
Additional Add-Ons: Introducing a car wash, scratch and dent repairs, convenience store, restaurant or franchise option can add incredible value to your customers and move the decimal point on your P&L.
Increase stock: Purchasing additional stock at opportune times of year can dramatically increase the likelihood of growing turnover.
Staff training: Your industry traditionally has a high staff turnover, which means ongoing training of new staff and investing in uniforms. These costs add up very quickly and a fast, reliable cash advance will allow you to plan for the inevitable, rather than merely reacting to it.

Long weekends and holiday seasons, see travelling customers filling up a number of times a day, and stocking up for long journeys at convenience stores. Similarly, the inland stores that are busy while travellers are leaving are then quite over peak holiday seasons. A merchant cash advance allows you to make repayments in-line with your turnover which is a crucial term that will see you through the tougher months.


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