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As a healthcare practitioner, complex finance is not at the top of your long list of priorities. Despite this, you still need working capital that keeps your practice as healthy as your patients. With our Medical Practice Finance you can accelerate your practice’s growth and not only think of yourself as a medical practitioner, but an entrepreneur as well.

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What is Medical Practice Finance?

The trouble with traditional lending is that it often neglects the bespoke needs of your vital sector. That is where we come in: We have created a simple funding solution designed with your medical practice in mind; offering flexible repayments that work directly in line with your medical aid claims. This is our Medical Practice Finance solution.

The big difference here is that unlike traditional funding, your repayments will never surpass your income. This South African first is what we call Pay-As-You-Practice finance. Discovery Health and Altron HealthTech are our world-class partners in this venture, and together we are empowering medical practices by providing short-term lending for long-term value.


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Get pre-approved within 24 hours


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How can you use medical practice finance in your business?

The Medical Practice Finance is designed to fund growth-enhancing activities that are vital to the success of your practice. You can use it in any way you see fit; like purchasing inventory, upgrading equipment,  refurbishing your practice, training staff or even for marketing campaigns.

How is the medical practice advance paid back?

Your repayments work directly in line with your medical aid claims: A debit order will run directly against your practice’s bank account and your Medical Practice Advance facility is paid back as a percentage of all future medical aid claims.

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Do you qualify?

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I am a South African citizen or have
a guarantor


I have R50 000 in card sales
or EFT transactions
per month


I own a practice that has traded for
at least 12 months

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  • Testimonials

    Dr Arshad Ansari


    Dr Arshad Ansari

    “I discovered Merchant Capital through their close affiliation with Discovery Health. Merchant Capital’s approach to lending is way beyond the norms of clichéd banking. Their partnership with Discovery minimised the need to provide documentation and within 48 hours the cash was in my account. It was that easy!”

  • Testimonials

    Audiologist Varisha Hutheram


    WELL by Merchant Capital

    “WELL by Merchant Capital felt different because all my details were automatically uploaded on theDiscovery portal, and so I didn’t need to track down certificates and provide masses of documentation to justify my funding request. Best of all going forward a small percentage of the repayment is seamlessly integrated into each of my Discovery claims, meaning that repayments are automatically deducted and fall directly in line with my patient’s medical aid claims. This is highly appealing.”

  • Testimonials

    Dr Juan Greef, Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist



    "The process was incredibly smooth and pleasant, and I couldn’t believe I got the finance that quickly! Traditionally I’ve used banks for loans, but this wasn’t sustainable and MediAdvance proved to be an absolute lifeline."

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