Restaurant, Bars & Fast Foods

We understand the enormous demands on your establishment: With daily food and beverage purchases, high staffing requirements, face-to-face customer interaction and the relentless requirement to be hand’s-on at all times. With our restaurant, bars & fast food financing, Merchant Capital wants to serve you with a tailored funding solution to supercharge your establishment.

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Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital cash advance


Improve on layout and flow, or refresh your store interiors.

Introduce a kids'play zone

Parents are always looking for places that offer great food and kids' entertainment. An addition like this can attract a new clientele and increase turnover in a very meaningful way.

Store upgrades

Invest in modern equipment to improve your production line and ensure ongoing maintenance of existing equipment.


With more competition than ever out there, it is increasingly important to consistently deliver effective campaigns that keep your business top of mind.

Signature menu items

Creating a signature meal or cocktail is a great way to separate yourself from the crowd. Customers often choose where to go based on what they’ve heard and having a menu item specific to your establishment is a prime topic for word of mouth.


Coastal-based restaurants experience peak turnover in December and other holiday times but typically find Winter trade slower. Inland establishments, however, peak in November with Christmas parties but then experience a lull in mid-December when most customers are on holiday. That’s where we come in: Merchant Capital’s unique Pay-As-You-Trade lending solution retains an agreed percentage of all future card sales, big or small until your advance is fully paid off – making repayments simple and manageable and completely in line with turnover.

How to get a restaurant and fast food business loan?

How hard is it to get Restaurant and Fast Food Business financing? If you're a business owner who's looking for a cash advance on your Restaurant and Fast Food Business, you've probably found that banks and other traditional lenders won't work with you. We understand your frustration with the banking system, and we can help.

Where to get a restaurant and fast food business loan?

Merchant Capital provides cash advances for Restaurant and Fast Food Businesses. Our experienced underwriting team will perform a thorough analysis of your operation to determine if you qualify for funding. We offer fast approvals and low rates. Contact Merchant Capital today to learn more about our services!

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