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You enable people to dress their best, we enable you for success. Trends come and go, but the demand for you to stay on top of them is constant. Whether you are a boutique, department store or online shop, we understand that are a lot of factors you need to consider when doing business. Managing manufacturers and staff while ensuring that your customers are satisfied requires year-round attention.

The clothing retail cash advance is a fast and flexible solution to ensuring that you can make your stock purchases three to six months before the demand hits and stay ahead of the trends. As an alternative funding solution, we require less documentation and the application is so easy it can be done all online from the comfort of your own space.

Clothing Retail Finance

Cash Advance

Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital Cash Advance

Increase merchandise: Clothing may be your primary merchandise however, you would ideally want to enable your client to build an entire outfit and more from your brand exclusively. Including items such as accessories, shoes and swimwear can increase your revenue substantially. But why stop there? Your clients care about their appearance, why not create a sector for beauty and care products, creams, nail polish and make-up are all a perfect opportunity to allow your client a one stop dressing up shop.

Marketing Campaigns: The clothing industry has the potential and the flexibility to have some fun with marketing campaigns. The latest trends or social context talking points are always a potential theme for a campaign, it simply requires your models or cast to be dressed to perfection while telling a story or embracing a trend.



The seasons: Summer and winter fashion are year-round factors that you need to consider when planning your budget. You need to consider the practicality of your products, while considering the latest trends such as colour and pattern. Ensuring you have budgeted in advance is important and easy to plan for since the season changes are a guarantee each and every year. Keeping ahead of your finances allows you time to prepare for the upcoming trends.

How to get a Clothing Retail business loan?

How hard is it to get Clothing Retail store financing? If you're a business owner who's looking for a cash advance on your Clothing Retail store, you've probably found that banks and other traditional lenders won't work with you. We understand your frustration with the banking system, and we can help.

Where to get a Clothing Retail business loan?

Merchant Capital provides cash advances for Clothing Retail stores. Our experienced underwriting team will perform a thorough analysis of your operation to determine if you qualify for funding. We offer fast approvals and low rates. Contact Merchant Capital today to learn more about our services!