Electronics Store

Electronics Store

Change is your only constant; with technological updates to the features and functions of most electronic products happening on a consistent basis, there is always an opportunity to place new products on your shelves and positively affect your bottom line. Store owners like you, need to keep up the pace and ensure your floor reflect the current market, on an ongoing basis. This needs cash-on-hand to happen – so make sure you have the right partnerships in place so you may respond to the market both timeously and professionally.

We get that your industry is all about tech, innovation and experience. Well, we are passionate about the same things: Fin-Tech proficiency, innovative financing and a seamless customer experience. Unlike a traditional lender, as cash advance providers, we offer a cash advance product that is extremely flexible by aligning with the cash flow of your business. With no fixed repayment schedule, you plan your financing on your terms. Apply online now and once approved, expect funds in your account within 3-5 business days.

Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital Cash Advance
Fresh merchandise: With newly updated products as a drawcard to get feet through the door, electronics stores need to make sure they have the latest products on their shelves. Take advantage of annual trade shows to plan ahead and stock up accordingly.
Staffing requirements: Additional staff at peak shopping periods can provide impressive after-sales service and encourage a steady flow of return customers.

Electronic stores can take advantage of December gifting and bonus periods. Not to forget the incredible prospect of Black Friday, which can be used as an outlet to clear old stock and boost turnover.


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