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Turning a house into a home is your field of expertise, finance is ours. We understand that whether you own a niche store or a wholesale department store, stock is a constant priority for your business. With approval in 48hours, our alternative funding solution provides your business with a fast and flexible funding plan based on your terms.

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Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital Cash Advance


DIY is not only a cost-effective solution to upgrading or redesigning your home but it’s also a cost-effective solution. You could capitalize on this by creating DIY-specific products or specials.

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Creating scenes that your products feature in provides the client with an idea of what can beachieved with either one of your products or an entire collection of various items. Understanding how your clientele live day to day and organizing these scenes to resonate with them encourages them to follow through with the purchase.


The festive season: A time when friends and family get together and the host wants to ensure that their home is worthy of hosting, many will be motivated at this time to redecorate or reorganize their living spaces. Many will also embrace a theme for their holiday period which creates the opportunity for some themed décor as a product range.

Spring/Summer: With the warmer weather, clients will be spending more of their time outside and in their gardens or outside living areas. This is a prime opportunity to provide those clients with the chance to add to their outdoor living spaces or upgrade it. It is important to be prepared for this demand and have available stock easily accessible.

How to get a Furniture & Homeware Store business loan?

How hard is it to get Furniture & Homeware Store financing? If you're a business owner looking for a cash advance on your Furniture & Homeware Store, you've probably found that banks and other traditional lenders won't work with you. We understand your frustration with the banking system, and we can help.

Where to get a Furniture & Homeware Store business loan?

Merchant Capital provides cash advances for Furniture & Homeware Stores. Our experienced underwriting team will perform a thorough analysis of your operation to determine if you qualify for funding. We offer fast approvals and low rates. Contact Merchant Capital today to learn more about our services!

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