Health & Wellness

We want to support you in giving your clients a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Your customer base is growing as people become more conscious about their lifestyle. To stay ahead of that growth, you need fast and effective funding solutions. Get in touch with us and you could have funding within 3-5 days.

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In order to stay ahead of that growth, you will need fast and effective funding solutions. Our plans are flexible and arranged on your terms which makes it the most convenient and accessible source of funding. Get in touch with one of our sales consultants and you could have funding in your account within 3-5 days.

Opportunities to grow your business, with a Merchant Capital Cash Advance

Workplace wellness:

Considering the health and mental wellbeing of your employees is becoming more obvious in the working world. Relationships with staff are becoming more personal and valued. Creating initiatives and access to health and wellness services is an effective way to show your staff they are valued and to ensure that they are in the best frame of mind to do their best work. Providing workplace wellness training or programs is a valuable opportunity to increase revenue streams.

Environmentally conscious products

The conscious consumer is a client category that you will want to pay attention to. Not only is the awareness spreading to more and more people, but it is also becoming a trend factor. Using environmentally and cruelty-free products is not only admirable but just plain cool. Embracing this awareness in your products or services creates a wider range of client interest and a fantastic brand image for your business.


Special Occasions: The holiday season is a prime time to attract clients looking for a relaxing experience after a stressful year's work. Customers looking for sun-kissed skin and a summer body will make use of products that could be put on sale to attract even more customers. Special occasions such as Valentine's, Mother’s Day and Christmas are also perfect times to create gift vouchers or package deals that customers can give to their loved ones.

How to get a Health & Wellness Business loan?

How hard is it to get Health & Wellness Business financing? If you're a business owner who's looking for a cash advance on your Health & Wellness Business, you've probably found that banks and other traditional lenders won't work with you. We understand your frustration with the banking system, and we can help.

Where to get a Health & Wellness Business loan?

Merchant Capital provides cash advances for Health & Wellness Businesses. Our experienced underwriting team will perform a thorough analysis of your operation to determine if you qualify for funding. We offer fast approvals and low rates. Contact Merchant Capital today to learn more about our services!

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