Working capital for your industry

From butchers to beauty salons, Merchant Capital has funded thousands of small South African businesses with hundreds of millions of Rands in working capital.

Our intention is to assist in the growth and success of your business. As leading alternative retail finance experts, we have worked across a wide cross-section of industries, and proudly developed a deep understanding of your business's unique requirements and seasonal trends.

Dov Girnun


CEO, Merchant Capital

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Industries Hero


Your clients are your main concern; the growth of your business is ours.
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We want to support your passion and help you bring the very best to your customer's table.
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Restaurant, Bars & Fast food

In your industry, you are used to serving others. Now Merchant Capital wants to serve you.
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Clothing Retail

You enable people to dress their best. We enable you for success.
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Furniture & Homeware

Let us help you turn houses into homes with our convenient and effective funding solutions.
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Health & Wellness

We want to support you in giving your clients a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.
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Electronics Stores

There is always an opportunity to place new products on your shelves and positively affect your bottom line.
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Building & Hardware Stores

You are in contruction and we are in the business of building... your business, that is.
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Medical & Pharmacy

Your patients' health is your primary concern. Your business is ours.
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Hair & Beauty Salon

You are in the business of making people look and feel their best. We are in the business of helping you achieve that.
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Travel & Hospitality

Your business is to take people on adventures. Our business is to help you get them there.
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Fuel Service Station

You like to keep your customers going; we want to help you get them there.
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Vets & Pet Stores

When it comes to our furry friends you know best. When it comes to your finance, that's where we come in.
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