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This article was written by hellohr (click to link to their site).  

As a small business owner you’ve got to be firing in 100 directions at the same time - always watching your back and trying to make the most of new opportunities too. It can get exhausting. Luckily, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in new technologies and tools that aim to make the business of running a business easier, but more often than not you don’t have the time to go digging to find the right one for your needs. Seeing this become more and more difficult, and even experiencing this ourselves, we’ve set out to hear from the industry experts. These leaders all consult and help implement solutions for businesses of all sizes, and have the experience to find the right tools to meet their clients’ modern needs. 

“The question was simple: How do you create the perfect suite of tools for a small business in 2021? What is your ideal small business app stack for 2021?”

What everyone came back with is a collection of modern, easy-to-use tools that work well together and will avoid any data silos or duplication of efforts. We’re excited to present our guide to the Ultimate Small Business App Stack for 2021.

Quick Data Capturing: Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank

Tired of losing receipts? Tired of forgetting purchases and amounts? We think it’s time to invest in a data capturing app. Good thing we know just the right one for you and your business - Receipt Bank. Scan receipts, bills, or any other source documents. Receipt Bank will automatically capture the data. All that’s left to do is to review and publish the data and finally, integrate it into your Xero accounting software.

Perfect Practice Management: Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition

Enhance the way you communicate and interact with clients. As a practice management app, Practice Ignition allows users to send electronic proposalscontracts, and engagement letters. Access all client information in one place, manage billing and payments, and set recurring billing.

Easy, fast reporting: Syft Analytics


Gaining insights to your business is vital for strategic decision-making. That’s why we recommend Syft Analytics, the perfect reporting and analytics tool for your business and your clients. “Go from data to decisions in seconds.” Create meaningful reports, view interactive graphs, compile financial statements, and forecast the future. Keep leading the market by benchmarking your performance against industry competitors. Improve your business’ position with Syft analytics and reporting.

Painless payroll: hellohr


Payroll should account for the easiest and quickest ‘to-do’ item on your checklist. With hellohr you can rely on running those payrolls and getting out those payslips accurately and on time. Run payrollmanage leave, provide employee self-service options, and post to Xero. Users also have the ability to manage multiple companies and assign ‘manager’ status to certain employees.

Task management that works for you: Asana


Worktask, and project management is becoming increasingly popular within the workspace. Communication, direction, and directives are imperative among your team of employees. With Asana, plan, track, and manage tasks, and customise workflows to suit your business’ specific needs. Achieve deadlines and goals with Asana.

Beautiful Accounting: Xero Accounting Software


See the beauty in the numbers with this world-leading accounting software. Cut down the amount of time spent on old and outdated accounting processes. This cloud-based app allows users to access their business finances any time, anywhere. Whether you need to invoice clients, track purchases and orderspay bills or reconcile the bank, Xero offers these features, plus many more, all available from one convenient app. Xero is an app loved by many of our accountants. Enhance your accounting experience with Xero.

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