After a tough 2 years in retail, customer experience has never been more important. So how do you up your ‘customer experience’ game, satisfy customers and build your business in 2022? These 6 top tips will tip the scales in that direction. Interestingly, all these points centre around data as a pivotal way to make this happen. Let’s see how:

Why data matters

Data is often overlooked as a component of customer experience but actually it’s a central aspect of it. Turned the other way, it’s easy to recall when bad data creates a negative customer experience. For example when you receive duplicate newsletters or when a service provider spells your name wrong, this can either cause subconscious negative reactions or can be downright irritating. With this in mind, you can then see how when a business uses what they know about you to make you feel validated and served, the experience is a welcomed one. The reason these aforementioned mistakes happen is because of customer data errors and bad record keeping. So where do you start in order to give your customer a better experience?

1. Assess all your data

The best place to start is by analysing the existing customer data on your system. You aren’t going to be able to fix invisible issues so first take stock of your current customer experience. Here you can assess the scope of your issues. Data profiling tools will be able to assess where you have missing info or duplications.  You can also use Google Analytics to understand how your site is being used or searched for and engaged with. Facebook Insights can be a useful way to understand who your customer actually is and together all this data will then help you understand who you are speaking to in a much more targeted way. 

2. Fix the problems

Now that you know where the errors are, you can begin fixing them. Here you can merge records, fill in missing data points, correct formats and contact numbers. Some of this will be easily done using tech interventions, while others will have to be done manually.

3. Enrich your data

Data is not just a nice to have but rather should be gathered around what will add value to your customer and what will help them build a good relationship with your brand. Unfortunately there is no roadmap for this, so you need to look at your industry and understand how you enrich your customer’s life and focus around capturing these touch points.

4. Think ahead

Data enrichment is a slow and ongoing process. To provide a top notch customer experience your data needs to evolve alongside your customer. On a practical level you need to develop common formats for classifying your customers and then structure your data records around the needs of your internal departments. Then this data needs to be combed through regularly and updated as needed.

5. Train your staff

Enriched data works best if your staff understand the importance of it and also know how to use it. So ensure you train your staff on the best way to use data and to update records at the point of sale (or a more appropriate time). Your staff and your customer data go hand in hand as they are the ones who are getting face time with your customers and will need to offer a fluid and enjoyable service. 

6. Get tech ready

The process of streamlining and enriching your customer data can be an overwhelming task. So make sure that you use technology to simplify the process. Data profiling software, duplication programs and data mining tools can take the pain out of the process. The best tech is then able to plug into your CRM systems and integrate this info into your greater customer experience. 

The bottom line

Your customer experience needs to be a focused endeavour in your business. This begins with having rich, up-to-date customer data which can then be used to get to know your customer and service their needs directly. When done right, this builds a rapport with your customer, builds long term relationships and makes sales. 

Achieving these steps may require some third party assistance or investing in technology and training programs for your staff. Contact us today for more info on how you can use a cash advance to improve your customer experience in 2022.

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