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Five Top Tips To Market Your Black Friday Specials

Black Friday falls on the last Friday in November. However like so many retail holidays, Black Friday actually begins many days or weeks before the main event. This opens up the opportunity to launch pre-sales. Which allows retailers to lock in sales before customers land up spending more than they can afford. So now is the time to start planning. But what is the best way to market your store’s Black Friday deals? Well, here are our top five tips to market your Black Friday specials.

1. Leverage off email marketing campaigns

Do you have email addresses of customers who have previously purchased from you? If so then you need to remind them that you’re ready to serve them again on Black Friday. If they have purchased from you before then chances are they will buy from you again. If you don’t have a meaty email list, then consider quickly running some social media ad campaigns to get some more leads in the meantime. Once you have your list of clients, email them in the build-up reminding them of specials you will be running on the Black Friday. If you are promoting specific products, then make sure you have added the clickable links that will seamlessly take your customer straight through to the product page you are promoting. Another good idea is to think carefully about email subject lines. These must grab attention, get through spam detectors and stand out from the clutter.

2. Offer sneak peaks

One of the reasons Black Friday is such a success is because there is a huge amount of hype in the build-up to the day. Jump on this bandwagon by creating a gif. or video promo that flashes your sale products in an eye-catching wat. Don’t forget to mention your upcoming promotion and then hammer this out on all your social media platforms. Remember that you want your customers to diarize and prioritize your sale.

3. Spend more to sell more

Most advertisers spend more on marketing over this period. This is because Black Friday is generally seen as a major investment for store-owners which justifies the increase in spend. When it comes to virtual advertising, you will notice that the cost-per-click will be higher than usual over this period. You may also want to consider increasing your ad spend a few days before the actual sale day, as this will ensure you maximize conversation around your activity and it will also afford you the opportunity to tweak your spend in response to the build-up.

4. Flash sales generate hype

A ‘flash sale’ is when you create a short surprise sale that opens and closes for a very limited period. Here the time constraint adds an exciting element to an already adrenalin-pumped day. Previous flash sale testing noted a 51% growth in traffic, 50% rise in conversion rate and a massive 236% increase in revenue. Just remember that in order to pull off this strategy, you need to set very contained limitations and conditions when using this approach.

5. Add deals per the hour

On Black Friday you can either offer one sale over the entire course of the day, for example 25% off everything. Or you can increase your discount on all or specific products for certain hours of the day only. After that you can then select a different product to push for a limited period in the day. Bear in mind that while this is incredibly exciting, it also requires a lot of management on your part. Meaning that preparation and manpower is key. If you do pursue this direction then a good idea is to announce the deals on your homepage and update this as the deals shift. The messaging should also be consistent across all your online and social platforms.

The bottom line

Black Friday is an important day in any retail calendar, so it’s time to start planning. While this has been a tough year, retail events like Black Friday can really help make up for lost time as well as allow you to serve your customer with what they really need. This is a win-win situation. And while marketing may seem like a pricy undertaking, you can also reach out for quick access to a Cash Advance to help propel your exciting plans forward. With our fast 48 hour turnaround time, there is no need to put any of your big Black Friday plans on hold.



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