Are you concerned that if you took a day off, the office might fall apart without you? Do you worry that any time away is time wasted? Do you secretly feel that no one knows that project quite the way you do? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions… then it sounds like you need a holiday! We get that entrepreneurs don’t necessarily get to have that elusive thing called ‘work-life balance’. But what if you could get a version of it? Now there is a new trend in travel that seamlessly blends work and leisure. It’s known as ‘bleisure’. As hardworking folk ourselves, we were intrigued and set off to investigate. So here’s what we now know about ‘bleisure’ and how it’s saving entrepreneurs from burnout:

But first, why are holidays so important for small business owners?

1. Decompression time

When you are traveling 100 km/h mistakes can and will happen. Holidays are essential to saving entrepreneurs from burnout. During downtime, you are suddenly able to take stock of the way things are. And where you need them to be. You will be able to connect with loved ones. Put things into perspective again and reboot. With new energy in tow, you will be so much more effective when you eventually do return to work.

2. Improve concentration

It is vital that you let your body catch up to your mind. Which often runs at a rapid pace, expecting every other part to simply keep up. Sadly this isn’t reality and something has got to give. Luckily, even with just a few days rest, you can re-charge your engine. This is a necessary measure to safeguard future productivity (and very importantly) future health.

But what about work commitments?

This all makes sense, especially to someone smart enough to start and run their own business. But we know what you’re thinking; ”There’s no time for a holiday! What about reality – like that trip to Dubai that I have to take to meet an important client?” Well, we’re so glad that you asked…

Introducing ‘bleisure’ trips

Bleisure’ is the new leisure trip for busy working professionals. And may well be just the thing that will be saving entrepreneurs from burnout. As the name suggests, ‘bleisure’ combines ‘leisure’ and ‘pleasure’ in one trip. So if you have this important trip to Dubai planned, why not tag on three days at the end, fly your family out (and when all is done in the boardroom) see the sites together.
‘Bleisure’ provides a much-needed opportunity to unwind, experience new cultures and discover new places after long work trips. In a survey conducted with over 600 business travellers, 83% of participants used their time in their work travel destination to actively explore it. 60% of respondents had tried ‘bleisure’ and 30% of them used at least two holiday days towards extending their work trips. The most popular activities were spent exploring the local cuisine, art, and culture as well as sightseeing.

What other factors does ‘bleisure’ need to take into account?

Firstly we recommend that you do the holiday portion after the work side of things. This is to make sure that you are truly able to switch off and take in the view. Also, boundaries are important. Even though this is a blended scenario, once there, keep things clean. This can be done by making sure you don’t sneak in any additional meetings at the tail end of the trip. Remember that these are your days and you’ve earned them. So be clever about it.

Don’t let burnout be your downfall

Work fatigue is a very real thing. But ‘bleisure’ seems to have found a middle ground for the hardworking entrepreneur who is finally prepared to let go a little.

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