Digital marketing media is relatively new (at least when compared with traditional media channels.) Because these markets are still being tested and new developments are happening at pace, when it comes to digital marketing, public perception is still playing catch up. Meaning many assumptions are inaccurate. So, to help you decide how to best use digital marketing to grow your business, we have debunked seven of the main digital marketing myths.

Myth 1: Go for quantity over quality

Barraging your potential audience with an influx of marketing material can actually work against you. Not only will there be a lot of wastage, but consumers will feel bombarded, leading to mistrust of your brand. In today’s climate, content and marketing material need to find a balance between being insightful, entertaining, informative and useful. When you execute digital marketing well you are not only selling product, but you are also enriching and enlivening a consumer’s experience. Giving them manageable amounts of content and a positive brand experience.

Myth 2: Digital marketing is not suited for B2B businesses

While Business-to-Business companies often don’t culminate in online sales, they should definitely have an online presence from a branding point of view. This is because companies often compare and research online before committing to suppliers. Making it imperative to have some sort of digital presence when they do.

Myth 3: You only need a digital marketing presence

This is not the case. While online marketing presence is essential and services a growing world-wide population, business must have a healthy mix of both online and offline presence. Customers need to experience your brand in the real world too and conventional marketing forms still offer an important piece of the pie.

Myth 4: Digital marketing is very expensive

When done well, digital marketing is actually extremely cost effective. Especially when compared with traditional channels like broadcasting, outdoor and print. With digital platforms and social media you are able to get creative, companies often use an approach called guerilla marketing. Best of all, with digital media you can really target campaigns in ways that aren’t possible with traditional media. You are also able to track ‘per click’ spend and follow up on leads in a strategic way. Making sure you get more bang for your buck.

Myth 5: Negativity is bad for business

This is an old-fashioned thought. The beauty of online engagement is that in many cases, customers can access decision makers in a few easy steps. They understand that even if the person in charge isn’t manning the social media account, they are of the view that their complaint or comment will be shown to the powers that be. When comments are negative this may well drum up attention but as long as you respond timeously and engage helpfully with the complaint, then this can actually build positive brand awareness and convert complaining consumers into lifetime customers.

Myth 6: Once my website is built, I’m done.

Unfortunately no. Think of your website as your shop floor or office reception. If the paint is peeling, or merchandise is messy then people won’t come back. It’s the same with your website - this is directly linked to your brand identity. So every six months to a year you need to be updating your website, making sure it’s in line with SEO and design best practice.

Myth 7: My customers don’t use social media

In 2019, over 2.39 billion people worldwide were active on social media. As you know there are so many professional and personal social channels with sub-groups within them. Chances are your clients are somewhere out there in some capacity. Meaning your brand should align with one of the best suited channels and then work that platform.

The bottom line

Digital marketing media is a rapidly evolving area and requires a business owner to stay on the pulse of this savvy market. The trick is to maintain an open mind and keep a check on your assumptions. Once you familiarize, adopt this environment and diversify within in, you and your business, will really reap the rewards.

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