Tech in business is no longer reserved for techies. In fact, with the democratization of online tools, the tech landscape really allows entrepreneurs to push ahead and go after their dreams. Whatever your venture, staying on top of tech trends can give you the edge you’re looking for. So with this in mind, here are five of our top tech tips that entrepreneurs can’t live without.

1. Understand Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)

Building a business is all about relationships. How you create them is intricately linked to the way your business will grow. Enter CRM. This is a cloud-based software that builds relationships and brings big benefits to your business by increasing revenue, customer retention, lead conversion and reduction in marketing costs. Not all CRM systems are created equally though, so it’s really important that you try out a few different systems before committing. Zoho and Salesforce are two of the best CRM software systems out there. They offer premium full-features and are really simple to use. Insightly also offers advanced features like integrated project management and powerful integration with email, Google Apps, and Office 365.

2. Think carefully about software

Selecting software feels like a really dry aspect of any business but it’s actually central to your approach. With the right software your business will become more efficient, prevent costly mistakes and simplify your operations. All this leads to growth. This could be anything from inventory management tools, HR and accounting tools like QuickBooks Online.

3. Tools to keep you organized

Shopventory and BambooHR are two of the best business organisational tools out there. This type of tech will ensure that you have constant connectivity in your business. The most important thing here is that information carries over platforms, can be accessed from multiple systems and cuts out any unnecessary human error.

4. Embracing social media

There once was a time when businesses had to rely on advertising agencies to run their marketing plans. But those days are gone because social media has really put business owners in the driver’s seat when it comes to selling their brand. The most important thing is to create a coherent and appealing social media presence that talks directly to your target audience. It’s also really important to decide which platform is best for you. For example more visual goods would be better suited for Instagram, while corporate businesses would find a more appropriate home on Facebook or LinkedIn.

5. Streamline payment processing

Customers expect streamlined and efficient payment options. If these are missing, not only will you lose sales, but you will also seriously frustrate your customer. Add to this that customers are increasingly going cashless meaning that your business needs to adapt and offer your customer many more convenient ways to pay. Top payment gateways include Yoco, Payfast, Zapper and Snapscan so do your homework on these and the others out there. When it comes to payment options, the more the merrier so ensure that both your bricks and mortar store, as well as your online store have multiple payment options in the mix.

The bottom line

If you want to take your business forward, these are the five tech tips that you cannot live without. The good news is that tech is no longer a daunting dilemma for business owners. It can really be approached like any other piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle. So do your research, understand the landscape, procure your tools, keep your eye on the prize and the tech will do the rest.

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