At the start of every new year, it’s good to look back and reflect on ways to move forward in stronger and better ways. 2020 was a tough one, but we got through it together. One way we supported our retailers was by posting 64 blog articles with topics focused on key retail industries, marketing tips, trends and growth strategies. So, in case you missed it, here are five of our most-read blog articles and why they were so helpful.


1. “How to run a successful petrol station”

This article focuses on how if you want to run a petrol station, you need to think like an entrepreneur and work your business from every angle. This comes down to streamlining efficiencies, and then bolstering services and products in both clever and relatable ways. Ensuring a higher basket size and return customers.

Why was this article so popular?

This was our most popular blog article to date. Competition is intense, the industry is changing and with this, comes additional opportunities for revenue streams. Here we outline how consistent upgrades are essential in order to remain competitive. This blog article gives relevant tips and tricks to help make this happen.


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Customer retention-01-1

2. “Seven tips to improve customer retention in your small business

This article focusses on customer retention angles. It begins with the idea that any business which offers a service or product, will always prioritize finding and targeting new customers. While this is important, it is by no means the only goal. This is because your relationship with your customer is complex and goes way beyond the initial purchase. In fact, the first sale is just the beginning of even more long-term potential business.

Why was this article so popular?

Our readers found it valuable to consider how it is much more cost effective to retain existing clients than to acquire new ones. Most business owners know that exceptional customer service is a key component for return business, this article outlines the other key variables.


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3. “Is there a new form of retail on the rise?”

High rentals and shifting expectations are all changing how retailers are thinking about business. This article focusses on what is causing this shift and identifies the key trends affecting the retail landscape.

Why was this article so popular?

While we generally dive into individual industries, this article speaks to SME retailers on a whole. Now, more than ever, businesses are having to rethink their strategies to combat new restrictions, which includes tackling the changing retail space. This article demystifies the process and provides a high level view of what to expect.


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4. “Five website trends to watch in 2021”

Your website is a doorway into your business and an important statement about your brand. Like physical retail and office spaces, website design moves with the times. If you want your business to remain fresh and inviting, you will need to stay on top of these web design trends and tweak your website from time to time. This will ensure that your clients have a pleasant and practical experience on your site. 

Why was this article so popular?

This article helps you think carefully about your website as a strategic window into your business. And with more and more consumers using websites to discover and engage with businesses, keeping up to date with the latest trends is a vital part of your overall business strategy.


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finance 2021-01

5. “Planning your 2021 business finances”

This article offers ways to stay on top of your business finances and plan for the year ahead with the latest accounting apps and software. It also details how to set your business’s finance goals. So, before embarking on what can feel like a mammoth task, we have provided a list of the key things you need to know.

Why was this article so popular?

Understanding the importance of a flexible strategy in an ever-changing environment is key to a business’s success. 2020 was largely unpredictable, so we showed you how to take your planning back to the basics and establish contingency plans. This then empowers you to be agile rather than reactive.


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The bottom line

We really understand the demands on retailers and small business owners and so are always finding ways engage with entrepreneurs and help them find ways to feel supported. We sincerely hope the hundreds of articles housed in our extensive blog library have helped you crystalize your thinking, reimagine your goals and build your business, one article at a time.

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