As a business owner, one of your jobs is to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing tips and trends to keep your audience interested and help your business grow. With new trends and tech innovations popping up all the time, it's like being on a roller coaster that constantly surprises and pleases us. But where does internet marketing go from here? Check out what to expect and how to make the most of them in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Streamed content and short-form video

People want to be the first to know stuff, and video is the quickest way to consume content. A recent study of online streaming found that  23% of global viewing time is spent watching live content on sites like Facebook and Instagram, while the other 77% is spent watching content that can be watched at any time. Because videos are getting shorter, marketers have to work harder to keep people interested in the products or services they are advertising. Keep in mind, though, that people are more likely to click away from movies that are professionally made and edited because they don't find them as interesting.

2. Customer satisfaction in focus

Here you need to think about online customer service sites that help with troubleshooting and after-sales support or recommendations that help us decide what to buy. Even though these will still be important in the coming year, the rules of the game have changed, and involvement and interaction will be the buzzwords of the year. This will be particularly true in the metaverse, where brands and customers will engage in fully immersive, 3D virtual scenarios.

3. Brands must demonstrate accountability

It is becoming clear that social responsibility, honesty, and openness are important to modern consumers. Because of this, companies are changing how they use social media to focus on activities, promotions, products,  issues or goals that are open to everyone. Even though this might not raise sales right away, it is a kind and useful way to show social responsibility. And it builds rapport with current and future customers.

4. Gamification

Considering that 80% of people who own smartphones play games on them, it's easy to see how gaming could also be a draw in e-commerce. Interactive features are a great way to give users more of what they want, get them to look around your site, and learn more about your audience. Gamification is the process of adding game features to a website and is a new way to market online. Even though this appears in this context in a simpler form, more and more businesses are using game design elements to keep customers, generate word-of-mouth advertising, and make sales.

5. Podcasting

Customers who are always online can get a lot out of a company that can tell its story through podcasts - this can go a long way in building a relationship. As with any content generation, it's up to you to decide what you want to talk about. The length of the podcast will depend on the talk and how much the audience takes part. So, you should start with the topics that will get their attention, engage and understand if it's working and grow from there.

6. AI (artificial intelligence) 

Because businesses collect so much information about their customers, it's becoming more and more important to use AI in digital marketing. AI can help you look at this data and figure out how to run your ads in the best way. With AI, you can customise the customer experience based on how they act, what they like, and what they are interested in. You can also use it for predictive analytics, which involves analysing a lot of data to predict future trends and habits. This can help you make better marketing decisions and increase your return on investment (ROI). You can also use AI tools like ChatGPT in your next brainstorming session to come up with new ideas by feeding it small strategic pieces of information. You can also use AI tools to make personalised content and chatbots for your customers, which will make their experience more engaging. 

7. Have a diverse digital marketing strategy

As a marketer, it's important to pay equal attention to all of the digital marketing tactics you can use. That's because each approach has its own benefits. By thinking of your strategy like an ecosystem, you can make a more cohesive and complete digital marketing plan that hits your target audience through multiple channels. This will increase brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue growth. So don't ignore any aspect of your digital marketing plan; each one is key to helping your business succeed as a whole.

8. The power of personalisation 

In the world of digital marketing, personalisation has become a powerful way to get customers interested in your business and keep them coming back. By using data and technology, you can make content that is highly targeted and useful to consumers' needs. Personalisation can take many different forms, from customised email marketing to product suggestions that fit your needs. By looking at data and analytics like a user's browsing history, what they buy, and their demographics, you can create personalised experiences that meet each customer's wants and interests. But it's important to find a good mix between personalisation and respecting the user's privacy as well. 

The bottom line

Understanding these trends and implementing them into your business will go a long way in growing customer engagement and sales. Some of these trends are new innovations, while others are intuitive extensions of what you already know. But these things matter to consumers meaning that they should matter to you. So to fund your digital sales marketing strategy in the next 48 hours, contact Merchant Capital today. 

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