Automation has helped many workplaces by saving them time. The time that would have been spent doing laborious administrative work. HR also deserves to benefit from the use of automation.

According to Sage’s HR in 2030 report, HR managers are still losing an average of 14 hours a week by manually completing tasks that could be automated. Now, imagine the many productive ways all that time can be used on. Let’s see explore the benefits of tech adopting automation.

1. Push for tech investment to take advantage of HR automation

HR executives and businesses must be willing to push for tech investments. Currently, many HR tasks are done manually, some done on separate systems instead of on one. The issue is that not all of these systems are kept updated and this can be a hindrance to productivity.

For HR departments to adopt new, automated tech, HR needs to bring a strong, thorough business case. To future-proof the business, HR leaders need to invest in getting the operational side of HR as automated as possible. This will free up time and make space for HR to focus on strategies on how to better their department and the business as a whole.

2. Tech will help HR bring even more value to the organisation

Most experts can agree that, in the future, tech will be crucial for HR to truly be strategic and bring greater value to the business. Not only will the correct tech increase automation capability, but it’ll also help streamline important parts of HR that previously required a lot of someone’s time.

Taking care of tedious administration through automation can free up resources and time for more purposeful work to be done. This work can help strengthen the business’s culture and help the mental well-being of the staff. Automation will enable a more intelligent business function with the ability to analyse trends and be more proactive and responsive, therefore bolstering HR’s credibility.

3 . AI will give HR more time to focus on strategy

Even with the introduction of automation, tech will always require human intervention. And since this is Human Resources, there’ll always be a need for human touch within the function. But experts, according to the Sage report, predict that the use of artificial intelligence can be used, for example, to improve recruitment which will result in a more diverse range of candidates for positions and a faster screening process.

HR executives shouldn’t be using their time to sit and screen through 50 CVs while also creating strategies on how to create a better working experience for their employees. The use of artificial intelligence allows the executive to focus their time on something that will benefit the business while letting AI shortlist varying candidates.

The bottom line

Human Resource professionals need to get away from relying on laborious admin because the future of work will require automation. Businesses need to make that investment, today if they want to remain relevant in the future.

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