If you want your business to be a front runner in the market, you need to know exactly what that market is doing. So whether you decide to move with current trends or not, the starting point needs to be understanding what is happening out there and then make strategic moves accordingly.

Each of the trends highlighted below, falls in the digital marketing space. This is one of those realms that is constantly evolving and growing. A year ago you may not have had TikTok on your radar, for example. But now, it may well be on your agenda. Generally across businesses, digital ad spend is set to increase by 10,9% in the coming year. This is lower than previous years due to general uncertainty because at the moment companies are considering what the year is going to look like with vaccinations in the mix, but as time ticks along, companies may make more digital ad spend available. So here are the digital trends you need to know about in your business today.

1. Account-based marketing

At the end of 2020, 42% of marketers said that Covid had shifted their account-based marketing plans. Of that total, 49% said they had changed focus to grow business with their existing accounts. While 30% of marketers reduced budgets in response to the pandemic, the remaining 26% actually increased their marketing spend. The success of these strategies is all around how close their sales and marketing teams are working together in order to help them best identify top sales strategies for their account-based marketing. This alliance is ideal for small businesses allowing them to focus all their efforts and only spend on top prospects.

2. Marketing integration and automation

Marketing automation tools are a heavily integrated space: From keyword research to content creation and distribution, there are incredible marketing automation tools and plugins out there. In fact according to Forrester, global marketing automation spend is likely to increase to $25 billion by 2023. So is definitely a space you want to play in.

3. Augmented reality and video marketing

This is especially powerful for B2Bs as it offers a highly engaging and visible way to intercept the buyer’s journey. In fact, currently, 70% of B2B buyers prefer to watch videos as part of their product research before buying. Furthermore, with people still stuck at home, streaming video content is a major trend which isn’t likely to go anywhere soon. The best video content not only entertains but also educates and B2B business owners are harnessing this as a forward-thinking marketing tool.

4. Podcasts

Did you know that in 2021, there were over 850 000 active podcasts out there. Now brands are also producing their own podcasts as a way to foster deeper connections with customers. So while podcasts aren’t new, the way that they are entering the marketing space is new.



5. Lead conversion

In the past, marketing was all about lead generation. Now the focus is shifting to lead conversion. Because let’s face it, a lead is of no real value if it never actually becomes a sale. This can come down to content. Currently B2Bs are using guides, eBooks, newsletter, blogs, as well as digital and hybrid events to bring rich content to users and convert them into sales. The process is really about nurturing these leads and this hopefully will foster a good relationship that converts to an actual sale in the long run.

6. Local search optimization

Never underestimate a local search. B2B brands have been a lot slower to adopt Google Maps into their marketing strategies but it can be a really effective lead tool, especially with people staying closer to home these days.

7. Personalized emails

Approximately 60% of B2B marketers find that email marketing is the most effective distribution channel to reach their B2B clients. Those businesses who have fully embraced this trend consistently report top results. There are many templates and tools that can be used, but the most effective ones are those that segment the database and personalize it per customer.

The bottom line

So there you have it, the top 7 B2B digital marketing trends that you need to know about. By selecting the ones that resonate most with business objectives and operations, you will be one step closer to building your business, one digital lead at a time.


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