Samantha Dunbar

Who are you and what kind of business do you run?

I am Samantha Dunbar and I own a Physiotherapy and Biokinetic practice called Samantha Dunbar Inc Registered Physiotherapists and Biokineticists. We provide a comprehensive physiotherapy and final stage rehabilitation service to our patients (which include people of all ages and categories), referring practitioners and the community.

Our staff members show strength and perseverance as they guide patients through the demanding rehabilitation process.
Our aim is to make the community aware of the benefits that physiotherapy & biokinetics can provide the individual in society.

Why do you love what you do?  

Everyday, I have the challenge and opportunity to impact people’s lives in returning them to their daily activities, pain free and fully functioning. I am exposed to all walks of life, with pain impacting each patient differently, from loss of income to inability to participate in hobbies and sport, and caring for family.

How is your business affected by the lockdown?

Even although I am an essential service, I have had to temporarily close four branches and work on skeleton staff due to the restrictions of travel that have been placed on communities. This has led to a loss of income and our inability to pay rent and suppliers.

What are your thoughts on how COVID19 is affecting the small business sector at large?

Fear has set in for the small business community, and often this blurs our decision making and judgement

What support have you received from the private/public sector if any?

I’ve received support from banking institutions and from Merchant Capital.

What is your advice for other business owners?

My advice is to stay positive 😊

How do we get in touch and support you during this time?

We are an essential service, so you can still visit our website at

To book an appointment please call 011 792 3994, screening will take place and clinically appropriate treatment will proceed, either tele – health or face to face consultation

You can also visit out social media pages where we share tips and advice around maintaining your physical health:

Instagram @

Facebook @ samanthadunbarinc

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