Steve, of owner-operated The Local Grill, is a ‘lifer’ who has been in the food industry for over 30 years. “Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths…I was born with a whisk in mine!” His comment speaks to cuisine being in his DNA, but it also speaks to the daily beating by an industry that demands an enormous amount from him. As the owner of this award-winning standalone business, he is forever multi-tasking and often finds himself in the tough position of making fast, high-risk decisions.

“2017 was incredibly tough on restaurants and it is imperative that we continuously innovate and stay top of mind!” So Steve discovered Merchant Capital at a time he needed them most, and while he was really reluctant to take out a loan, he was comforted by Merchant Capital’s flexible terms, fast turn-around times, competitive rates and the ongoing potential for re-advances, “No one else could do that!” he admits. “In times like these, Merchant Capital is an indispensable partner.”


His self-proclaimed Field to fork mentality means that that he consistently immerses himself in every aspect of his production line: Spending time on the farms, physically sourcing the best procurement and monitoring how produce is farmed. At the heart of it, Steve cares deeply about his industry: How the livestock is treated, if the county’s fields are getting enough water, that farmers are safe and that his industry is thriving.

But Steve wants that for himself too; he wants partners who care as much about him, as he does about his patrons and his suppliers. That’s why traditional lending was never an option for him saying, “All my effort goes unnoticed by banks, who see restaurants as high-risk; making it impossible for us to get what we need to grow and thrive. But Merchant Capital on the other hand, really tries to find the best possible solution for me and not for them.”

Steve used his Merchant Cash Advance to settle debt and reinvest in the business, essentially empowering himself as an owner and getting back control of his establishment. Doing what you love can be hard and can really test you along the way. But like Steve, with perseverance and partners who want the best for his business, things will eventually pay off.

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