As a business owner, you are no stranger to being resourceful and resilient when it is needed. Right now, is one of those times. With the return of load shedding looming and bringing with it, water shortage issues, many businesses find themselves in tough positions. Fortunately, there is a way that your business can alleviate some of the pressures this could cause on your bottom line.

Did you know that you can use Merchant Capital’s SME Cash Advance to help fund your energy and water catchment solutions?

Invest in the right type of generator

Use your SME Cash Advance to purchase a generator that fits your business needs and protects your business from closing its doors. Generators provide a continuous flow of electricity to run appliances that are critical to your business operations.

Not only will having a generator help ensure business continuity, but it can also help maintain your competitive edge when other businesses have to halt operations during load shedding or other electrical interruptions.

Investing in a solar energy system

Solar panels require an initial investment to purchase and set up, that’s why an SME Cash Advance would be beneficial in this regard. Taking into consideration that South Africa gets roughly 2 500 hours of sunlight per year, investing in solar energy will save you money overall, due to the rising costs of electricity rates.

Electricity is essential for all businesses and this renewable energy solution offers this critical resource at a fraction of grid-electricity costs. These savings are in addition to the obvious environmental, social, and financial benefits that come with reducing their carbon footprint.

Consider the value-add of an Uninterruptible Power Supply

In addition to purchasing a generator or solar energy system, you can also use your SME Cash Advance to purchase a UPS. An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source (UPS) is an electrical device that provides you with emergency power to a load when the input power source or main power fails in cases of power outages or load shedding.

So, while you wait for your generator or solar power system to go on, a USP will ensure that the supply of electricity to your devices remains unbroken.

Water catchment solutions

In light of recent water shortage issues, it would also be a great investment to use your SME Cash Advance on water catchment solutions like JoJo tanks. These rainwater harvesting solutions consist of tanks that accumulate water whenever it rains.

While South Africa is considered a relatively dry country, when we do experience rainfall, having a water catchment solution can help alleviate your business’ reliance on municipal water. Knowing that you’re able to carry on operating your business during a water shortage is definitely worth the investment.

The bottom line

These electricity and water catchment solutions will not only protect your business against unreliable electricity or water supplies but will also ensure business continuity. If your business wants to keep its doors open when others can't, contact Merchant Capital today and let us help your business enjoy longevity.

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