Mmabatho Hlabangane, owner of Steers and Fishaways in Elspark, describes the initial months of the Pandemic as “incredibly difficult and very worrying”! Like so many South African entrepreneurs, all this sudden change has left her feeling unsettled about a future with potential future job loss and she worries about the difficult role she might play in this uncertain economy.

Mmabatho managed to sustain her business post early stages of Lockdown by keeping her expenses as low as possible, understanding that in order to recuperate, things will need to be as lean and efficient as possible. While she understands that there is still a long way to go, Mmabatho went in search of the right funding partner to support her through these difficult months. 

She is so grateful that she found Merchant Capital saying, “It was so hard to secure funding through traditional and Covid-relief channels”, she explains, “But Merchant Capital provided a refreshing experience where not only was the application process quick and thorough but the whole transaction was frictionless”. In times like these, it’s so nice to have something come easy! She adds that without the funding from Merchant Capital, she isn’t sure her businesses would have pulled through this terrible period.  “No question about it…” she continues, “Merchant Capital were there when I needed them most, and they have been absolutely instrumental in saving my business!”

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