Looking for more clients to come through the doors of your salon or spa? If so, a strong marketing plan is the best way to grow your beauty and hair business. If you find you’re not getting enough clients in store, chances are you need to switch up your advertising tactics. But where to start? We suggest you try these top tips that are sure to bring more feet to grow your beauty and hair business.

Offer a selfie station in your salon

When people leave your salon, they feel good. If they’ve had their hair or nails done, they may well want to brag about it. By providing a beautiful or quirky backdrop for selfies somewhere near checkout, you will entice your customer to share their fulfilling experience with friends online. Don’t forget to add your hashtag or logo somewhere visible so that all these good experiences lead straight back to you.

Client referrals will grow your beauty and hair business

The beauty of your business is that you come up close and personal with your clients. Pick the right moment to take advantage of that face time and let them know that you will reward them for positive referrals. We understand that nobody likes asking for business straight up, but passing them a  referrals flyer at the end of their visit or asking clients online to tag friends who could be potential clients, is an easy way to ask for a little word-of-mouth advertising. Add a little incentive like a free head massage or blow dry, and you may well tip the scales in your direction.

Create an enticing loyalty program

Customers have come to expect loyalty rewards. Jump on the points bandwagon by finding a plausible reward at the end of say, every 10 visits. Make sure the system is automated, easy for staff to use and customers to understand. Often customers will forget about it and get a nice surprise when they receive a free product or mini-service.

Start blogging

Position yourself as an expert in your field by writing about your experience. By offering industry tips and advice on an ongoing basis, you will be showing your clients that you are in the know and in demand. If writing isn’t your thing, consider getting a freelance writer to assist with putting your ideas into a catchy article that will beef up your website and satisfy your customers.

Don’t ignore social media 

If you’re not active on Facebook and Instagram yet, ask yourself why you don’t want all that potential business? Social is the new norm and you can bet that your competitor is putting big bucks behind this strategy. The great thing about social is that people are always seeking relevant content. It is also ideal as campaigns can be measured and targeted. Got a new hairstyle? Launched a new product? Painted a new design on someone’s nails? Post them online and tag your customer (with permission). Simple ideas like these will generate likes and leads.

Offer special incentives for Influencer referrals

Influencers are savvy business people with a strong online presence who are actively looking for places to appear. Your salon or spa can be that place! Search online for Influencers in your area and reach out. Some influencers will work on a trade-exchange basis meaning you give a product or an experience and in return, they will give you a review or a certain amount of social media coverage. It’s a win-win and easy to arrange. Just make sure you clarify expectations up front and in writing.

Create lunchtime specials or packages

Entice customers to leave their workplace during their lunch hour and head to your salon. Create express services that will take just 30-40 minutes and then market this incentive with every sale. This unique angle shows your customer you are thinking of them and tailoring services and treatments to their busy lifestyles.

The bottom line

Deciding how to grow your beauty and hair business is something that you as a salon or spa owner needs to get on top of. There are many options out there. Top of that list is ensuring a strong online and social presence, referral programs and giveaways. Select at least three from this list and give it a solid go for at least a quarter. Then watch as your sales grow.


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