“There was a chance for me to purchase a third Sorbet store, but I needed the money urgently and didn’t have it. I called Merchant Capital immediately. I really liked the way they explained everything – they understood my plans and vision, and what I needed. In practice, the application process was quick and easy. There was no hard work for me. No red tape or supplying future projections. They could even draw my merchant statements.

Payback via credit card is a faster, easier way to pay back the cash advance I got, without feeling burdened or disheartened by amounts going off. It’s efficient and safe: no-one touches my cash, so I feel more in control. It’s a really good system. In addition, I knew exactly what I was in for – no shocks, no hidden surprises. If I ever again need capital to leverage an opportunity, I’ll definitely phone Merchant Capital.”


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