Why does Merchant Capital need access to my information?

Quick access = Quicker pay outs
We pride ourselves on seamless and transparent customer experience. To achieve this, there are essential processes in place when applying for your merchant cash advance: A key component is ensuring that our merchant funding won’t put unnecessary pressure on your business; so we first need to analyze your turnover. Obtaining each of the necessary documents manually would take way too much of your precious time. Giving us access to your merchant bank accounts however, means info can immediately be uploaded and analyzed in real time. This ultimately results in a stress-free application process and incredibly quick payouts.

What can Merchant Capital see when I put in my details?
Merchant Capital will gain ‘visibility’ access to your account/s. Meaning we can see transactions going in and out of the account.

Merchant Capital will not have access to your log in details or passwords, as this information is not stored anywhere on our system.

Rest easy that Merchant Capital will not be able to transact on your account in any way.

How secure is my information?
We keep all your material and account info completely confidential from start to finish: The moment you click on the link submitting your account data, you are in safe hands: We use Decision Logic’s (https://www.decisionlogic.com/) latest encryption technology to ensure that the service you are being provided is innovative, efficient but most of all, secure.

In a nutshell
Quick access to your information allows us to understand what is viable for your establishment. Enabling us to then tailor your application’s outcome in a way that best serves your business. As always, Merchant Capital is working towards making funding for small businesses in South Africa as quick, simple and secure as possible.

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