What is a Cash Advance?

Now more than ever, there is a wide range of finance options available to business owners that empower you to advance and support your business. With so much information available, we’ve put together a breakdown of why our customers believe that a Merchant Capital Cash Advance is the best working capital solution for their business. 

What are the benefits of a Cash Advance?

Unsecured: Unlike bank loans, we won’t ask you to pledge any collateral with us. This reduces your risk when taking out funding for your business. 

Fixed cost of funding: At Merchant Capital, we don’t work with an interest rate that fluctuates in accordance with economical factors. From day one, you know exactly how much your business will be paying back. This allows you to prepare your finances and orchestrate your use of funds.

Flexible repayments: We don’t debit a fixed amount every month, instead, we give you the options of daily debit orders, weekly debit orders and split-processing. There are also no debit charges on split-processing which means, over a 12-month term, you can save north of R10 000.00 just in debit order fees.

Use as you see fit: Because you understand your business requirements better than anyone else, you can make use of the funding in whatever way you see fit. Whether it be for expansion, equipment or renovations etc. the choice is entirely up to you. 

High-speed funding: Our application process has been designed with your time in mind to be as seamless as possible. If you have the necessary information on hand, you could be funded within 24 hours of your application. 


How can a Cash Advance be used in your industry?

Building & Hardware store

Building and hardware stores are fairly seasonal: Often busier during dryer months, when construction is uninterrupted, but then quieter over the December period when most contractors close. The flexible repayment terms of the Merchant Capital Cash Advance will provide welcomed flexibility in times affected by this kind of seasonality.


Since you control how you use your funding, there is a wide range of options for your restaurant business. You can renovate a section of your restaurant that’s in need of some TLC before peak season, you can upgrade your equipment or increase security. With peak season around the corner and Covid-19 restrictions easing, it may be the ideal time to invest in some strategic marketing to attract clients back into your space. If you’re a coastal-based restaurant, you’ll likely experience peak turnover around long weekends and in December but may typically find winter trade to be slower. Inland establishments, however, tend to peak in November with Christmas parties but then slow down around mid-December when most customers are on holiday.

That’s where we come in: Merchant Capital’s unique Pay-As-You-Trade lending solution retains an agreed percentage of all future card sales, big or small, until your advance is fully paid off – making repayments simple, manageable and completely in line with your turnover.


A Cash Advance could be your opportunity to add a new section to your store to take it to the next level. Incorporating beauty and personal care products like make-up and toiletries, offers you the perfect opportunity to provide your clients with a one-stop shop. Your business also works with the seasons, so summer and winter fashion are year-round factors that you must consider when planning your budget. Because the seasons changing is a guarantee, budgeting in advance allows you the time to prepare for the upcoming trends.


Change is your only constant; with technological updates to the features of most electronic products happening consistently, there’s always an opportunity to place new products on your shelves to positively affect your bottom line. A Merchant Capital Cash Advance gives you the power to make use of those opportunities as and when they present themselves, or even better – for you to get ahead of them before your competitors. 

Electronic stores can also take advantage of December gifting and bonus periods. Not forgetting the incredible prospect of Black Friday, which can be used as an outlet to clear old stock and boost turnover.

Hair and Beauty

The hair and beauty industry has been one of the hardest hit by Covid-19 due to the level of personal interaction required. A Merchant Capital Cash Advance could give you the power you need to bounce back from potentially challenging times.

With the holidays coming up, there is no better time to set your business up for success. During these periods, salons can take advantage of seasonal commodities like offering tanning products in the summer and holiday-themed vouchers that provide the welcomed opportunity to introduce special packages that will both incentivise customers and boost turnover.

The Bottom line

Because you know your business better than anyone else, you’ll be able to use your Merchant Capital Cash Advance in a way that you know will grow your business. And with our repayments working in line with your turnover, you’ll never find yourself in a position where you’re paying more than what’s coming in. So, contact us and let us help you fund your ambitious growth.

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