As a small business owner, accounting may not exactly be the most exciting area of your business, but it is certainly a vital one. Accounting is influenced by trends much like any other business department. So what are the top accounting trends you need to know for your business in 2021? 

1. Automation

By far the most important accounting trends this year is automating all accounting processes. This is crucial as automation eradicates unnecessary error and confusion. While any computer-based activity increases the risk of cyber fraud, regular internal audits which check for inaccuracies will mitigate risk. Automated accounting also drives faster decision making, which impacts across small and large businesses alike.

2. Cloud-Based Accounting

The beauty of cloud-based systems is that you can access crucial information anytime and anywhere. All of this saves time and allows you to track sales, inventory and expenses. According to a recent Sage survey, 67% of accountants feel that cloud-based technology makes accounting information more accessible and highly efficient when it comes to processing.

3. Focus on Data Analytics

In the accounting space technology is evolving, putting data analytics in the spotlight. While this process itself is automated from a dashboard, here accountants are becoming important advisors that skilfully analyse these numbers and data. Remember that data is only useful if there is a smart mind to analyse it and utilize that insight to implement effective management.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain has caused a massive shift in accounting industries by cutting the ledger costs. Seen for example, due to its specific terms of proprietorships and asset history. Here blockchain technology allows for a clear overview of the businesses resources. Any projects lead by blockchain technology have shows major growth in recent years, inspiring even more investments in blockchain-based projects.

5. Better audit preparation

Staying on top of your business’s financials is an essential part of any business. Financial audits are a vital part of this. This is a really tedious process which is why many companies are switching from paper to cloud accounting. Here auditing preparations are faster and simpler without compromising on the accuracy or quality of any of the financial reports generated.

6. Intuitive customer data collection

As customers strive to engage in analytics, there is a big move to understanding customer behaviour. Businesses are putting greater emphasis on getting more accurate and important customer data via their accounting software. This gives crucial insight into their customer’s demographic, profiles and buying behaviours. Which then influences key business decisions down the line.

7. Fast fraud monitoring

Your business can’t afford to make any errors when it comes to managing your books and reporting key business numbers. Not only will irregular financial data tarnish your reputation but it also has real legal consequences. All of this can be avoided with top accounting systems that will detect fraud and keep your financial house in order.

The bottom line

These 7 accounting trends will not only keep your finance department up to date and organized, but will also keep your business ahead of the curve. Smart accounting leads to simplified systems and data management. These form the hub that future decisions will be based on, giving your business the freedom to innovate and move with times.

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