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Rory of Neal’s Health Shop and Rosebank Health Shop is the whole package understanding (as he puts it) that “knowledge is everything”: A Doctor of Naturopath, a developer, and distributor of bespoke health products, he is also a retailer with diverse businesses and big ideas. He constantly watches the market to understand trends in order to grow his portfolio, ultimately prioritizing the best service for both his medical patients and commercial clients.

Like so many South African businesses effected by our political and economic uncertainty, Rory was also forced to change strategy at the last minute: “Last year was very tough with a 30 % reduction in spending power and a more price-sensitive customer. My solution was to seek out a quick business loan to expand my product range and stock my shelves in my health shop. I wanted to give the people of South Africa a little bit more when they were used to getting less”. But in order to do this, Rory required capital. “I also like calculated risk – not gambles, so I’ve never looked to banks. Then when I read in Entrepreneur magazine about Merchant Capital’s unique approach to small business funding, I was immediately attracted to their easy access to liquidity and case-by-case flexibility.” With the newfound freedom of a Merchant Capital Cash Advance, Rory was able to put his important plans into motion. This allowed him to stay top of mind and in the game. He was also highly impressed with Merchant Capital’s ethos saying, “The way Merchant Capital handles their customers is very responsible; with an underwriter policy that has the right risk management level. This feels very different to other competitors operating in South Africa.”

Drawing on his innate instinct for caring and wellness he adds, “I must say this human element in Lending is a game-changer. I am not a piece of paper to Merchant Capital – it is so important to feel cared about!” Merchant Capital Sales and Marketing Director, Ryan Cohen agrees with this sentiment “We want to get to know our customers; to understand what drives them and what they want for their businesses. Nothing makes us happier than helping this happen!”
With a partnership like this, Rory doesn’t have to worry quite as much about all those rumbles of uncertainty saying, “I’m now feeling really feeling positive about the year ahead.” Merchant Capital likes to think they are agents of some of this optimism. Because like this Naturopath, they too like to make people feel better, or at the very least, let them know they are not alone.

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