Every hardware business owner wants to maximise every deal. But this requires grit, strategy and paying careful attention to every part of the business. It also requires specialised tools to ensure that all processes are streamlined. Inventory management is a key cog in this machine. Let’s understand what this entails and why this should remain top of mind for hardware store owners. 

What does stock management really entail?

The hardware store needs to keep track of its important inventory so that orders can be processed, billed, and delivered quickly. In terms of the bigger picture, this control is vital because it helps you reach and retain more customers. It also tells you how much inventory you have on hand, where there is high demand, what needs to be reordered, as well as other important information. To put it another way, it keeps stores from having problems like overselling, overstocking, and running out of goods. With such a vast inventory it is important that you use a good hardware store management software that automates the most important business tasks that need to be done. The following functions are made possible by the software including;  Sales and billing,  management of barcodes,  management of sales and purchases,  management of inventory,  POS integration,  analysis and reporting,  damage reports,  billing and invoicing,  management of multiple locations, and distribution management.

But let’s click into these areas to understand how software management better assists you in managing each of these areas.

1. It makes keeping track of hardware supplies easier

The hardware program makes it easier to keep track of inventory. This is made possible by the automation of key business tasks related to managing supplies. It also lowers the chance of human error and keeps track of your stock levels instantly and in real-time. You can also see how many pieces you have on hand, which ones aren't being used, which ones need to be reordered, which ones haven't run out yet, and so on. Most store problems can be avoided with hardware software, like overselling or not having enough in stock. While every shop owner has to deal with these problems at some point, effective software lets you keep track of when you're running low on stock and figure out when to reorder each item. 

2. It makes it easier to get an overview of products and look over pricing and performance plans

Good hardware point-of-sale software has smart business data built-in. As stock levels change, you can see them right away.  These tracking tools inform you of your supply levels in real-time so you can keep in touch with suppliers. This improves your supply chain and better serves your customers. It will also help you understand which products aren’t performing well so you can watch sales and profits and if necessary, change tactics. Ultimately this then helps you understand how your business is performing financially. It also gives you an idea of how to handle risks, changes in the market, demand, and trends. These strong reporting tools give you useful information about sales, which in turn helps you make better, more profitable business decisions.

3. It reduces the likelihood of shrinkage

Theft is a reality in any hardware store business. But it doesn't have to be extreme. Stock management software has advanced features that help you keep your stock from being stolen. With its tracking tools, it's easy to see what's in stock at your store, and track stock levels and general movement. This could be for the buyer, the seller, or the worker. The software lets you keep a closer eye on all the possible outcomes so you can take action should there be an issue. It also acts as a major deterrent. 

The bottom line

It is essential that hardware store owners use a good inventory management system that makes many tasks easier, like keeping track of inventory, billing, shipping, and more. It also eliminates possibilities of theft and greatly reduces human error, while reducing your human capital requirements. This results in major cost-cutting solutions and streamlines your business operations. All this leads to better customer service and satisfaction, which is the exact sweet spot you want to be in. So, to invest in, or upgrade your stock management system, contact Merchant Capital today and fund your hardware business in the next 48 hours. 

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