The Butcher Man, Cape Town’s award-winning specialist Butchery and Grill has been making the cut since July 2013. This one-stop meat emporium includes a best-in-class butchery, grill , biltong bar, curated selection of wines and all your braai essentials. We spent some time with their team in order to understand just what makes this speciality butchery-come-restaurant such an industry-shaker.

The Butcher Man  has a agile, customer centric culture where the team is focused on delivering a high quality experience throughout the butchery and grill. Key-man behind the meat, Arie Fabian says; “This breeds a resilient culture where not only does everyone know where they stand but also, what they stand for.” In fact what The Butcher Man stands for is a lot: A fully-integrated meat-based service where customers can buy their prime cut meat at the butchery, or choose to sit and have it served up to them as a delicious meal, and even leave with premium biltong in a bag.


The versatility of The Butcher Man’s model cleverly alleviates seasonal stress felt by most restaurateurs by providing efficiency in an environment with peaks and troughs on any given day. This unique establishment has also created an agile team where staff don’t work in silos; like their product offering, each staff member contributes right across the business - managers, butchers & waiters.

This innovative model offers a flexible retail environment where everyone matters across the board. People are central to their business, beginning with staff and extending right into the hands of the customer. Says Fabian, “In this economy, customers are especially sensitive to how and where they spend. We make sure we consistently deliver on product, price and experience.”


It is clear that The Butcher Man’s business strategy is consistently primed as carefully as its beef.  Management are constantly looking for ways to shift and adapt to the market, and very importantly, find strategic ways to pay for these ambitions. 

As an entrepreneur with an eye on things ahead, Fabian was attracted to Merchant Capital’s Cash Advance. Having dealt with slow bank-led funding in the past, Fabian notes how “Retailers are very present and in-the-moment operators; focusing on the shop floor and not necessarily on the future.” Meaning that this type of entrepreneur needs cash that flows as fast as his ideas do.

Merchant Capital can deliver a cash advance in as little as 48 hours, which was exactly what this Butcher Man needed. Fabian used the Merchant Capital Cash Advance for a series of growth enhancing projects that will sustain the business long-term. With activities like this The Butcher Man is bound to live up to its Trip Advisor review that boasts, “Forget Table Mountain- This is the place to visit in Cape Town!”

We couldn’t agree more, and while this meatery is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, their best ‘view’ is undoubtedly, their ‘view’ on business. 

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